Dear bloggers, whats left when your better half doesnt want to marry you? Breakup is a solution or staying for some years more together with that person until he decides if yes or no? Im very confused because i dont seem to understand since when marriage became a prison to everybody…and why?


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  1. I’d say at that point you have to make the decision that will make you happy long term; of course breaking up is going to upset you; however, if marriage is what you are wanting and an idea that you value and this person is adamant against it, then perhaps breaking up would be best long term. If you are content with it how it is right now then keep going. It’s going to be a matter of soul searching. Warning: never settle! Good luck!

  2. If your relationship feels like a prison, move on indeed, I agree with the comments. The pain you feel after a breakup will hurt short term, but suffering the pain of years of being in a relationship that is not a happy one for you will be much more painful.

  3. You do not want to marry anyone who is not sure he wants to be married to you or anyone else. I’m not saying to leave him, but if the only reason is to be married and he’s not insisting you need to make that commitment, then enjoy loving him or move on.

  4. “You are entitled to be happy but you are responsible for your own happiness ” That’s the advice I received before beginning a painful breakup. The pain faded and I found the place I should be (and in which I remain). I agree with the others, you should not feel trapped. Good luck.

  5. Was there even a suggestion of possible marraige in the future?
    I may have been young but when i first met my now husband we discussed our future, we wanted to marry and have 2 kids.. He took 7.5 years to propose then a further 2 to marry me.. Is this something that was ever on the cards/discussed? Were you lead to believe it would happen?

  6. I guess you two have talked this through – the why’s and why not’s. Did he know this from the start? Your opinion about getting married? If he doesn’t understand you then it’s better to move on. I got married only 21 years old, and I have regretted it many times during the last ten years. You easily grow away from each other if you marry too early…But I was so sure then. I’m now a totally different person but he has remained much the same. So – you cannot know what is right – but there will always be a solution to everything, somehow. You have to decide on your own.

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