What if one day you would have the opportunity to talk with yourself? What would you do? To be just a stranger who is watching… Maybe people forgot how important they are. We tend to forget about us and do everything for others…


6 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. Most people tend to forget who they are because they try to be someone they are not, make others happy or disliking the person that they are and hide behind the shadow of pity and self loath. But it comes a day when many find their way back

  2. To find our way back to where we started, not out of ignorance but with our new found wisdom in hand… that is the quest. And to do that you must be as a child. Children are themselves and know themselves. It is the mask of society that keeps us hidden from our inner child. Be mindful and one day you will know yourself for the first time.

    Thanks for following my blog… I love your question. A blog that makes you think is always a blessing.

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