Day by day


Day by day I realise that there is no such thing as trust. Girls, we cant have trust in nobody on this planet. People are meant to dissapoint us at some point, maybe in one of the most important moments of our life and that is just sad. Sunday feelings are not so positive. My advice is to belive only in ourself. Nothing more. Hugs.


7 thoughts on “Day by day

  1. Girls are not people? Sounds prejudice and unhealthy to me. I can however relate to potential men hating fetishes with their domination bit. They will come around in more strategic moves then domination.

  2. You just haven’t met a guy who has a great heart to put you on a pedestal and take care of your every whim, while keeping you grounded and cooking you dinner each night, than breakfast before you both go off to work. A shoulder to cry on when needed and a person who you can trust with all your secrets. When that happens you will be happy.

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