To believe



When you dont trust yourself, you end up like a Barbie. Maybe in the begining you are not so comfortable with your appearence but after people start notice the beautiful part, obsesion comes. Girls do it just to have everything and to be loved. People should not judge so much. Who does it, doest it because of weakness.


5 thoughts on “To believe

  1. I liken your observation to the beginning of narcissism, if it’s not a personality trait we’re all born with, but something cultivated by the environment. You’re insecure to begin with. And then for some reason or another, one thing about you gets noticed. It’s either your looks, your writing, your paintings, your acting. And in the insecurity, we can sometimes feed this arrogance that builds up to the point that no one sees what they used to find so charming. Wants we see the plastic for what it is, Barbies aren’t cute anymore. They’re actually kind of creepy.

    Just my two cents.

  2. Men do it to just differently. They call violence action. Their dress. They do out of domination females do it out of being dominated.

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