Way back, people showed a bit more interest in having a family. Where did that feeling dissapeard ?


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  1. Well from Tubularsock point of view, maybe women have awakened to the fact that having children isn’t a wonderful experience for everyone. Women have been propagandized into a false belief that having a child is their role and have been lead to believe it’s for everyone.

    It’s NOT! Look before you leap.

  2. 1 – It’s gotten really expensive. 2- Women are pursuing other options. Not that there’s anything wrong with a woman having a family, but it takes a lot of work and like I said, there are other options. Best wishes! Melissa

  3. Good question. But impossible to advice people – we are all different. From my own life, I can only tell you this: I travelled the world for 20 years, pursued a career…but in the end there was something missing, and I didn’t know what. I never wanted children – this world is not an optimal place to grow up and live in. But, finally I decided to give it a try…my life was empty of true meaning.
    Finally, when I was 33 and 35 I got my two children. From the very start I knew my path was the real one – they have given me everything I could ever wish for and I could finally forget myself. Forget always being so important, always dressing up, being pretty, being effective, being busy. Raising New Life and trying to help those two lovely children navigate through this life on Planet Earth – to me that’s the meaning of (at least My) life.
    Conclusion: People are thinking too much about themselves, being too selfish not willing to give up a part of themselves – I wish more of us would just let go…and Feel. For me it has absolutely nothing to do with a “role”. for me it’s what life is about. We are no less animals than the other animals on Earth. Giving new life is what we all are here for.
    Happy New Year!

    • I thank you for your words. You made my day much happier and i will never forget your words. You have a kind heart and i am really glad that i know you here. Guess in reality you are more kind. Happy new year as well. I wish u only happiness.

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